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Aug 21, 2009 8:30pm EDT
, the congenial debate continues. >> why do you continue to support a nazi policy, as obama s expressed suppo this policy >> on wha planet do youpend most of ur time? >> also, afghans risked their lives to vote. as terrorist mbings escalate in iraq, thmaliki government chooses not to ask for arican lp. the nation lose t legendary newsmen, rertovak and don witt. >> the secret is to find people who could tell the sto better thanou can. captioneby the nation captioning institute >> i am looking for somebody who can tell me of theublic option inresident obama's health plan is still viab. decratic senator kent conrad says not in thsenate. >> look, the fact the matter that there are n the votes in the united states senate for the public option, they're never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit i think it's just a wasted effort >> after sayinthat the rabbit woulprobably be taken o the table, health and hum servis secretarkathleen sebelius gave the little fellow a n lease on li. >> absolutely nothingas changed. continue to supporthe public option it. thatwill help
Aug 7, 2009 8:30pm EDT
what it is all about. its an extreme confusing subject. i am regularly cfused by it. obama -- maybe 's too late, but if there's er aime for the president to show leadership, is now, not just with thepublic, but with congress. >> he even self and hour in prime time in the press conference inwhich he deted almo exclusively to health care,nd he cannot elaint, as youaid. nobody understands exact what he is doing and ho-- the how >> there is no bi. they held the press conferenc with the thought that ere would be a bil they thoht that t senators were closer to comprome than they we. jus evan evan -- just on wt evan said, it is a time to be ronalreagan in making the case forcefully an simply, and lyndon johnson, in dealing with meers of congress one on one. thatis a test that he will either meet or fail. >> he isneither. he is certainly not ayndon johnsoarm twister. nobody calls them back >> he es not have a case because he does n have a plan. > charles krauthammer, n.d., has a plan. includes tort reform. t also includes the heth care benets tax. >> i believ in universal health insurance , bu
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Aug 16, 2009 10:00pm EDT
it's the greatest thing that happened to obama. s opposed to the powerful industry of the powerful ama of the powerful pharmaceutical industry all of which bought off by the white house. this is the american people's victory. what we ought to do now how about we deal with the problem. it's a problem that isn't that hard to solve. obama talks about how the problem we need consumer protection. you know what the best consumer protection in the universe is? ability to say i am tacking my business elsewhere. you can't do that because of government intervention on insurance companies. you want to screw the insurance companies make them compete. >> make them compete. i promise if you want to know what happens to a company that doesn't deal with wi well with s put in apple sucks on google you will get 17 million hits on all of the web sites. people complain they sta take t business to ibm takes their bess to bill gates away from jobs. if you want to screw the insurance companies make them compete with other he knows companies. >> kirsten powers i believe what hatchin happens to healthcare is t
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Aug 2, 2009 9:00pm EDT
and dan fuhrman will waive in on the officer gates barack obama s ofo problem. it's what makes triscuit worth every bite. triscuit. weave some wonder. >> two-days and two lawyers to find out what it means. >> it's two complex for lawmakers to bother with but good enough to take care of life and death decisions. that's comforting. more "hannity in 90 seconds. >> there were high hopes today among democrats that a deal could be reached on healthcare but it now appears the house adjourned on friday without voting on the bill. which is good. price tag of the looming reformal lexic glick from the fox business network and former white house press secretary dana perino. first of all it's the democrats their own ranks fighting amongst themselves which is a good thing. >> they control every bit of washington and they have no one to blame but themselves. >> why am i convinced that pelosi, reed and the president have not given hup up. >> they haven't. >> and they are basically going to compromise. they are trying to rewrite this bill. right now they have come up with the idea of a quo op n
Aug 6, 2009 5:00pm EDT
fight and barack obama s this august going to be too tough for him? we have seen a man who is very good at politics. he got elected president of the united states, african-american. did he an almost perfect campaign. he beat the clintons. does he have the fighting skills to win against all the organizations on the right, the kato institute, dick army's army. >> people exaggerate their grassroots power. there's no doubt they have good power on op-ed pages and things like that. i think this august is crucial. i think obama is bleeding on health care. i think the blue dogs are going home. some of it may be orchestrated, but you can't get guys out to every single one of these meetings that outraged and that angry. this just doesn't have that kind of cloud. they can't get anybody out when it came to their amnesty bill. >> i have a strategy bill. could the right strategy for the president to get through this summer, because the unemployment rate is going to be horrendous again tomorrow, it will be horrendous for months and months, lower the temperature, get through a bill that passes muster w
Jul 31, 2009 8:00pm EDT
a moment ag how qukly everything repolarized and you o back to when y were alking to barack obama, joining s campaign befo he waspresident, did he see this coming, is his what he was vng into o could yu have sn it coming? >> i don't thinkanybody could ve seen it coming th way. this was an extrordinary campaignnd the country ws galvanized an you know george w. bush was, you know, the force against whih people were reacting. and think that the psident, and alot of thepeople aroun him thought they wuld come in washington on a mndate for change, but alo because of what had happened the lat mont of the campaign, the collapse of the economy, that there would be a sense in washington of let'sroll up our sleeves and et something done together, that the ountry is in suchad shape we ought to workogether and that simy hasn't happened. you canlame everybody. th republicans can legitiately claim they've bee sht out on thingsby the democrats. the democrats ad te white house would argue the republicans have pshed -- they made a decisionearly on they're going to be th party of no. but we're bk in
FOX News
Aug 1, 2009 4:00am EDT
panel. stay tuned for what may be one of the healthcare messaging problems for president obama. . s. i'm 66 years old now, and i have back problems. i can't walk very far at all. i was really worried about coda and nalla. it really broke my heart that i couldn't take them for a long walk like i used to. so i called hoveround, and they suggested i might qualify for a power chair. and with medicare and my insurance, they said i'd pay little or nothing for it, and boy, were they right! as hoveround's medical director, i make sure we handle all of the paperwork efficiently to make things easy for you and your doctor. that's why over 100,000 physicians have already prescribed hoverounds for their patients. and with medicare and supplemental insurance, most of those patients paid little or nothing to get their hoveround. they said that hoveround is the only round power chair, so i could go where most other chairs couldn't. my hoveround is sure different. i'm able to turn around in the kitchen and get to my garden with absolutely no problem. well, the main thing with me is that it's american-ma
Aug 31, 2009 8:30am EDT
thought it was part of the tradition of theodore roosevelt 's new nationalism and fdr's new deal and lyndon johnson and great society. he was a proud liberal. now liberal is back in vogue. barack obama has really learned a lot from ted kennedy. president obama it is sort of my age. john f. kennedy, we were children when we had the cuban missile crisis, but ted kennedy was out there fighting my whole teenaged years and into my 20's and 30's and 40's. the great act of heroism when he endorsed barack obama made such a big difference, basically taking the baton of camelot and handing it to barack obama, doing it in conjunction with caroline kennedy. dramatic moment. i know that president obama will sorely missed ted kennedy, not because he was just a health care warrior, but he always gave the senator and now president obama unvarnished advice. since chappaquiddick, he was not trying to run for president, he was tried to help the american people in many ways as act of redemption for his ethical lapses in life. he worked triple hard to try to make up for a, and the net effect is stunning.
FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 10:00am EDT
. >> jamie: and president obama went ton s to say his administration is not proposing a government takeover of health care. instead, the president says they are working on a series of proposals to address issues like competition and has -- and zach has issues with the president's answer and wield talk with him live in the next hour. >> rick: looking forward to that, a doctor and his congressman drew attention in a challenge over health reform and now there is a rematch and it is getting attention and this time, david scott, congressman and dr. brian hill, side by side as they debated health care reform, yesterday, at a high school in jonesboro. and just over two weeks ago, the congressman became youtube fodder when he lost his temper with the doctor and shouted downhill when the urologist questioned the current bills under consideration and dr. hill got his own microphone this time. >> congressman scott, first, you talk about the public option, right and we talk about how it is will bring down health care costs and give people access and we have models that we have looked at alread
Aug 15, 2009 10:30am EDT
have said, that s president obama's fault for doing it that way. the clintons made the mistake of sending a 1200 page bill tot to congress. they got massacred. now he's getting hammered, obama, for doing that. >> first i said, oh, we need our here right here right now. when i look at what happened, those three house bills, those have to be reconciled, good luck on just that. then there's the senate bill. there comes a point where the members like children at the sandbox have at it that somebody has got to come in and say papa is here now. and guess what? if this doesn't get on the paper, none of you get nothing. so it may be of the options available to him, the clinton option or getting in too early, and for whatever that has cost him, and it has cost him, including his standing in the polls, that may have been only thing open to him. >> i think that's right. it's interesting with the amount of political capital that he's put in it but you can't have one key ingredient in here and that is speed. you can't say, i want to move a massive health care reform effort, i want to do it, fa
Aug 7, 2009 5:00am EDT
virginia as creigh deeds got a little help on the campaign trail, an appearance by president obama. fox 5's jennifer davis has the story. >> i'm still trying to get used to the fact that the president of the united states flew marine one to virginia for me. >> reporter: that he did. creigh deeds got a boost from the president himself. mr.obama and governor tim kaine stunned out to stump for the moderate state senator from rural virginia swrie need every one of you to knock on doors and make phone calls an get fired up once again so we can go towards the future confident, with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of children. >> deeds is trailing in the poll and face as a tough race again republican bob mcdonnell. >> i asked for your continue continued support to build on the success of mark warner and tim kaine as we prepare for sprint the last 89 days into this fall campaign. >> reporter: deeds is getting help because the virginia governor's race is about more than the two men on the ticket. virginia, a once solidly republican state, backed obama in 2008 but even obama advisors
Aug 27, 2009 8:30am EDT
theodore roosevelt 's new nationalism and fdr's new deal and lyndon johnson and a great society. he was a proud liberal, and now the liberals backing both barack obama, they have learned a lot from ted kennedy. president obama, when we were children during the cuban missile crisis, three-year-old, ted kennedy was out there fighting my whole teenage years into my 20's and 30's and 40's. the great act of heroism when he endorsed barack obama made such a big difference, basically taking that and handing it to barack obama, doing it inh caroe kennedy. i know that president obama is sorely going to miss ted kennedy, but because he was a health care out warrior, -- health-care warrior, but because he always gave president obama unvarnished advice. since chappaquiddick, he was not trying to run for president, he wa trying to help american people for perhaps is ethical lapses in his life. and he worked triple hard to make up for that, and the net effect of his life is really stunning. bill after bill, law after law, ted kennedy stamp is on it. tavis: muffled conversation with brinkley will air
Aug 27, 2009 12:00pm EDT
and americans are thirstyto do it. d k ie h real leer a dith rack obama in tr-two s as well it woubeenorus heful. >>oue think aut crtials. nionalsecuty well, ihithat.. 's uful a rtant t whit fnk bacs unrsndin foreignolic an lteningtalk aut naity he s e ur camig think he'seen eloquen, ins yive and i think 'seen right. rose: aooing m j me cch. this is thover o "newsweek's"pecial brher, ward. kenne last 1932-200" in hry w d we put thi rson? >>ne o t or three senators who wil rembed rever. henry clay, daniel webster, ted kenn i think that it gets. e' fallg there hamtquite a would an my min, it's great amican lifan ireat and intesting because it's so lex. this ist sry of td camelo and tkind of gr rtaradg into t sunset. is i story of very troublednd yettimaly triuhant m who faced incredibledemonsand setes th w tate a sotimes he did. anhe so mindas straelynspir tionale because see his life, anyway, as a search foredemn as opposed the uomiced unfolding a desny. >> ros twohi begin th:umbe o, the famy hwas th cr,e was e core o this family r so manyears. secondlyhe was a js center. having
Aug 21, 2009 6:30pm EDT
obama and the presidency is a hot seller here whether it's a sticker or t-shirt oreporr: thea s reporter: thema obamas will e staying at the blue heron farm where theyan cenjo foly, a pool, a basketball court, a private beach, all on 28 acres, renting for up to $50,000 a week. presidential visits are nothing new for martha's vineyard, dating all the way back to 1874 when ulysses s. grant became the first sitting president to vacation here, in this cottage. president clinton came here four times while in office, but other presidents preferred something more rural. l.b.j., a bit overdressed for horse back riding on his texas rarng, george w. bush clearing brush on his, while ronald reagan's ranch was in santa barbara, california. two presidents liked georgia. jimmy carter played softball in plains. franklin roosevelt swam in warm springs. while president clinton returned to hyannisport as often as possible. mr. obama should feel right at home on the vineyard. after all, he's from hawaii-- another island that knows a little something about tourists. randall pinkston, cbs news, martha's vine
Aug 16, 2009 10:30am EDT
smarter planet. visit planet. s >> president obama and his family took in a tour of yellowstone national park yesterday. historian doug brinkley joins us now to talk about presidents and america's national parks. she the author of the new book, teddy roosevelt, wilderness warrior. doug brinkley, good morning. >> good morning to you, harry. >> why was roosevelt so determined to preserve some of america's great, last great places? >> well, as a kid he had asthma and he grew up in new york city and he found the nature secure -- >> he went to the adirondacks, later his mother and wife grew both died on valentine's day, he took a train ride to the badlands of north dakota and wrote a trilogy of books about the window earns there and decided that scenic wonders is what distinguished united states from europe. >> true, england has westminster abbey but we had yellowstone. >> they has the louvre, we had yellowstone. >> what did you talk about on the trip to west. >> there was a group of historians he had at the white house and i got to talk a little bit about my book on tr,
Aug 18, 2009 11:30pm EDT
president obama and to s mt will give more hop and more confidence to the people about this iue. >> one of the things that you discovern studyg history and being a part of politics is just because sothing kessense doesn'mean it happens. and we are going to have t work very hard and ultimately that's going to hav to be some urageous leadership not only from the palestinians and the iselis but also from the other arab states supporthis effort. >> rose: joing me now, michele dunn of e cnegie endowme for international pce and stevenook. thank you for coming. leme start with you, chele. tell me what came out of thi, if anything, mubarak, oma, first visit. what d each sideope to get out this? >> well, mubak was really eager to reestablish for al to see the fact tha he's back in the good graces ofin and of the whi house. >> rose: andthat he's hethy and moving. >> that's true. d i think he got that out of hisisit. he also reay played up the fact that before the visit h wantedo get in his thoughts to presidt obama before oba makes any kind of an announcement ofome sort of a peace initiat
Aug 4, 2009 7:17pm EDT
toelp homwners in trouble? that s the focus of a new report iued by the obama ministration today. it laid out the itial results of a program to entice bas to reduce foreclosure the response the banks varied considerably. special coespondent jeffrey kaye h the story from los angeles. >> reporter: fromhe beginning it semed like an bitious plan. >> by making these investmen in foreclure prevention today, will save orselves the costs of feclosure tomorro reporter: a 75 billion dollar program announced by the president in february aed toead off home foreclosures. the governmen would partner with banks t rduce montly payments for as many as 4 milliont-risk borrowers. but the progam is geing off to a slow start. accordi to the treasury department report released today, so far fer than 8% of eligible borrowers have had their mortgage modified. >> we are not satisfi with the progress of servicers of banks in reducing foclosure sales. >>reporter:ichael barr is the treasury department official i charge of the making home affdable program. he says participating leblers, which present5% of the mo
Aug 12, 2009 12:00pm EDT
60's tonight. >>> president obama wolcott the newest supreme court justice to the white house today. justice sonia sotomayor is the first hispanic to sit on the nation's highest court. the reception was packed with family and friends as well as members of congress. >>> ben cardin will hold a town hall in hagerstown today and security will be tight. this is in casehi twos ul this a repeat omof nday's meeting. the public is reeling across the country against the health care overhaul. >> you do not trust me? >> no. >> the debate has turned into a screaming match. yesterday in new hampshire, obama tried to clear up the perceptions about the health care bills making their way through congress. >> for all the chatter and the noise, you need to know if you do not have health care insurance, you will have high- quality options. >> this man showed up with a semiautomatic pistol legally. police found an unlicensed gun in another vehicle. at meetings across the country, politicians are to meet face-to- face with angry voters on all sides of the issue. >> to use this issue and use that opportun
Aug 20, 2009 11:30pm EDT
presencia del presidente obama y repitiÓ la dificultad de esta reforma,tixnp s de h@ >> por otra parte, el procurador general de nueva york ordenÓ cerrar otras compaÑÍas que ofrecen servicios a inmigrantes las acusÓ de cometer fraudes, al cobrarles a los inmigrantes miles de dÓlares por trÁmites que no podÍan hacer. una compaÑÍa trabajaba con inmigrantes hispanos, otra con jamaiquinos, y la tercera con italianos.entre las 30 par $118,000 de ,multa. agregÓ que este programa buscarÁ identificar a indocumentados que sean un peligro para su comunidad, seÑalÓ ademÁs que contratara 23 administradores para los centros de detenciÓn de mayor capacidad, tambiÉn en california, una corte de apelaciones se decidiÓ que puede continuar una demanda policial a nombre de inmigrantes que estuvieron detenidos durante mÁs de seis meses sin recibir a oÍrse para fiantixnÑ]ídskph@h@tixnÑ]íznkphp por otra parte, texas, el gobernador firmÓ una ley que establece una fuerza especial extra para combatir el trÁfico humano,la nueva fuerza operarÁ desde la procuradurÍa estatal. >> el
Aug 3, 2009 6:00pm EDT
middlela-c tax hike would be costly after candidate obama pledged not to pursue one during the s not a time to rais taxes on anyone. >> reporter: he says the administration has still not ruled out a so-called use user or national sales tax which could race $1.6 trillion a year. >> he can say hee not raising income taxes but it is not real the truth and it raises massive amounts of money, could raise $1.6 million a year and be a tax break of $11,000 a year for families. >> taxpayers we talked to in front of the irs building had little appetite for any new taxes. >> absolutely there should not be a tax hike right now. we can't afford a tax hike right now. >> that's what you need to do, cut spending. you can't keep spending forever. sooner or later you have to cut taxes. >> i have to pray and trust they will do the right thing in washington. >> reporter: well, sometimes. the latest could make for interesting conversation at the white house. the president is said to host democratic senators for a recap of the first six months in office. brian, with many of those senators heading home in a
Aug 27, 2009 8:00pm EDT
moves. we have identified a new set of policy objectives with president obama&s speech that are now bein converted into operational reality with t new campaign plan. we have established and are beginning to enroll the reirements for additional resources for afghanisan, part of whi i suspect, that some of the assessment that general mcchrystal and general eikenberry are concluding now. we now know what the road ahead need to look like and we have got the right pieces in place to deliver. now we have to belear in our objective to defeat the strategy of the enemy and began our fourth point there, the narrative of the american people, e resolution of the american people and our allies, that plays right into the taliban strategy. the idea of then exit strategy, plays into the strategy of the taliban in the fourth quarter and i think we have to be very aware of that and thoughtful about that. unity of effort in thinew enterprise and new leadership is critical. it is reporting that it is going to be dficult to search. we can accept this kind of outces. we have got to deliver on this now an
Aug 27, 2009 7:00pm EDT
into my 20's and 30's and 40's. the great act of heroism when he endorsed barack obama made such a big difference, basically taking that and handing it to barack obama, doing it inh caroe kennedy. i know that president obama is sorely going to miss ted kennedy, but because he was a health care out warrior, -- health-care warrior, but because he always gave president obama unvarnished advice. since chappaquiddick, he was not trying to run for president, he was trying to help american people for perhaps is ethical lapses in his life. and he worked triple hard to make up for that, and the net effect of his life is really stunning. bill after bill, law after law, ted kennedy stamp is on it. tavis: muffled conversation with brinkley will air -- my full conversation with brinkley will air friday night. by last conversation with ted kennedy came last year. -- my last conversation with ted kennedy came last year. >> we have been blessed as a family to believe in public service and also believe it and a political party i believe shared the idea that woodrow wilson had, that a political part
Aug 21, 2009 5:30pm EDT
. >> reporr: abdel baset al megrahi should not be welcomed ba to tripoli, that s the message, the warni to libya om president obama in america. the demand responsible for the deaths of 270people, the biggest terrorist atck in britain was treated more lik a celebry or royalty changed into a dark suit, he was met off of thelane and then repeatedly gged by colonel gadhafis o son in fr of jubilant crowd. this morning the foreign secretary david miband said the sght of a ma murder getting a hero's welcome is deeply distresng. gave the go-ahead f the compassione release sa the celebrations were neithe oper, wise or appropriate. but in tripoli a speaker at the youth rally was triumphant. >>ranslator: this m has been distinguied by the safe retu of our other, abdel set al megrai, a new great victory add to the strength of his revolution. it's greatness, it's policy, its historic path and in its leader colonel gadhafi. >> reporter: but it's be the flying of the scottish sold ire flag in celebration at the airporthat's angered politicians of all the oppotion parentsn scotland, who all now c
Aug 19, 2009 2:00am EDT
claims payments are legitimate have barely increased. since taking office in january, president obama s recognized this is a real and important tension. he not only provided some additional resources but ask for some additional cross agency cooperation, not so in may, attorney general eric holder and i created a new health-care fraud enforcement action team that is known as heat. it is made up of senior staff from both of our departments headed by the deputy secretary of both the department of justice and department of hhs, the first time ever that cabinet and subcabinet officials have participated in this kind of effort. the goal is to find improved ways to attack fraud. those efforts are already paying off. by july, an initiative in houston led to the arrest of 32 doctors in four cities who were charged with cheating medicare out of a minimum of $16 million. a similar effort in miami brought charges against 42 people for a scam involving expensive infusion treatments for hiv/aids patients. those initiatives are led by strike force teams. in addition to the teams in houston and miami
Aug 9, 2009 10:00am EDT
. >> le llama la atenciÓn que obama durante la campaÑa habÍa dicho que se tenÍa que hablar con s enemigos. esta es una forma de hablar con los enemigos. >> seguramente estÁ pasando informaciÓn clinton a su esposa en relaciÓn a lo que se habló mÁs allá de la liberaciÓn de las periodistas. >> el gobierno norcoreano lo utilizÓ como propaganda. >> las imÁgenes debemos subirán directamente del gobierno de corea del norte. vamos a hacer una pausa. cuando regresemos si estÁ sufriendo la crisis econÓmica que desee. va a ver cÓmo reinventarse para totor ventajas. ♪ >> estas son las noticias. emigraciÓn, seguridad y el narcotrÁfico y la gripe a h1n1 son los temas que tratarÁn los mandatarios de estados unidos, mÉxico y canadÁ. vamos al punto de las noticias. por falta de garantÍas, uribe serÁ el ausente en la cumbre de mandatarios latinoamericanos que comienza hoy en ecuador. al programa federal de dinero por su coche viejo viene por quebrar a una organizaciÓn caritativa de dallas que esperaba miles de dÓlares de sedan cis trab.h@h@cri no mhué[@ mhuétÑ h@h@ le en
Aug 23, 2009 11:30pm EDT
quote sector costs. it relates to the problems in the health care system. it's why president obama feels we have to take this on. if we don't, both the public sector, medicare and the private s sector, private insurance companies, it's going to become so expensive people won't be able to get it. it's not 20 years away. it's five to ten years away. it take as lot of courage to take this on. we need to get at the fundamental problems and we ought to try other models. it's a myth that's been put out here. it's like a college system. there are public an prive. you choose the one that's best for you. >> that's fine. you are arguing the merits of the public option. i want to go to where the president is. the president realizes it's a nonstarter among republicans and democrats as well. working right now on your senate finance committee, they are not talking about a public option and the president is saying publicly, it's a sliver of reform. is he not walking away to get a compromise? >> no, if you read what mr. gibbs said and others said after secretary sebelius comment, it's clear they prefer
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
people. barack obama s can do more listening than talking and i think he can find a solution. >> and maybe that part of it is true, but i would say maybe he was wrong and the dmgs were wrong when they were trying to rush through proposals by the august 7th deadline which i think the president was endorsing as a drop dead date in mid-july. so i do think this is a conversation the american people have to have with their legislators. i'm glad everybody moved slowly and they were going to give it more time so people could hear what the proposals were that were out there, analyze what's going on. >> morris, was ate mistake asking congress to come up with a solution? >> i think, yes, when you're a president, you don't want to put your fate too much in the hands of congress because, you know, congress is a partisan body. so you don't needily know where the winds are going to blow on any given day. the other mistake, membership, is where it is too late to adjustment. if they would have said, listen, we want to try to get this done, we have to get it done, but not necessarily paints themselve
FOX News
Aug 18, 2009 2:00am EDT
. glenn: your business again? >> analytical sensors. >> two out of three people that barack obama wants to tax are s corp.s like james. those are r-9 people that create the jobs. glenn: what is an s corp.? >> it is basically a small business that pays its profits through the individual income tax. >> an s corp. has to pay the taxes, the owner, when the profits are realized. december 31st is your fiscal year end. you might not have collected that money. on paper, your accountant says you just made $300,000 this year. it is not in your checking account yet. your customer hasn't paid you, but you have to pay taxes on it. right now, it is 35%, going to 39.6, and we're headed to 50%. glenn: wait, wait, wait. people don't understand this. america, if you are working in a company, what is the definition of small business? how many employees? >> less than 500 people. glenn: most of us work for that. this is why you can't just say, hey, screw the evil rich person, because give me the taxes. run down the taxes, what it's going to be, all of the additionals. >> right now we are at 35%. they
Aug 27, 2009 12:30am EDT
thought it was part of th tradition otheodore roovelt 's new nationalism and fdr'new deal and lynn johnson and a great society. he was a proud liral, and no the liberalbacking both barac obama, they havelearned a lot from ted kennedy. president obama, wh we were hildren dung the cuban misle crisis, three-year-old, ted kennedy was ou there fighting my whole teenage years intoy 20's and 30's and 's. the great act of heroism wen he endorsed barack oba made such big difference, basically taking that and ndingt to bara obama, doi it inh caroline nnedy. i know that presiden obama is sorelgoing to miss ted kennedy, but because he was health ca out warrior, -- health-care warrior, t because he alws gave president obama unvarnished advice. since chappaquiick, he was not trying to run for president,e was ting to help american peopleor perhaps is ethal lapsein his life. and he workedriple hard to ma for that, a the net effect of his life is really stunning. bill after bill, lawafter lw, ted kennedy stamp is on it. tavis: muffled convertion with inkley will air -- my full conversation with bri
Aug 19, 2009 12:00pm EDT
. >> hwanted to get in s thoughts to president obama before oma makes any kind of an announcement of some sort of a peace initiate. and so i don't think tha president mubarakut anything n as far as i've heard in terms of ideas, but he's really tryin to press obama, think, to be very rceful in this initiative and in effect to try to impose some kind of a solutionn the reon. >> the wholedea of a gesture from the arab world is to make ese t israes feel more comfortablabout these very hard decisio that are going to come, whether it's selement free, borders fugees, thes by position of jeralem and so on and so forth. but, again, the arab world beeves that they have gone as far as they cld possly go. just becau they're authoritariaregimes doesn't mean public opinionoesn't cot in these places. >> rose: we conclude this evening wi whatsome say is the most important bilatal relationship in e world. its betwe china and the unitedstates. for china's perspective,e turn to china's aassador to the ited states. >> china's development wi be peacul, china's development is oppounity for each, includin
Aug 30, 2009 1:00am EDT
you here on c-span. let me read a coeple of experts fromhe book. first ava you s obama's team, the best of washington aisers as david brosco that is a dysfunctional endangers conglomerate of business as usual cronies. rack obama owns is cabinet of tax cheats, crooks and cronies. it is his and his alone. judge him by the company he keeps. >>uest: yes, that is exactly right. i thank david brooks for helping to inspire this book. the introduction to "culture of corruption" openup column that head written not long after the election day and sort of foretelling this, this click of a aievatrons he called the and how phenomenally he was impressed that obama had brought with him the best of the washington insiders. he praise their ivy league pretty greece, and really this was sort of a repeat of this idea that somow these smarty pants wergoing to come in and change whington and it really didn't take long before the obama administration disabused of that notion in a very big way, and i go through all of th bohed nominations, and then a lot of the abominations that actually went through fair
FOX News
Aug 21, 2009 2:00am EDT
less about age, and barack obama does relate to people in their 20's and he does have a distance from these people in their 60's and 70's. what is more important is your ideology. that is not a surprise. what to me is a surprise and we will play one more clip for you, is just how controversial this cash for clunkers really is. when i started to ask these people about government spending and about the bailouts, one person raised the cash for clunkers and the place went nuts. let's take a look. >> he is trying to do something to resolve the problem that the republicans left behind. this cash for clunkers now has been fantastic. car sales have gone up like crazy, and everybody says it's terrible. >> it's terrible! >> four days it was over! >> they sold cars, though! eric: stop, stop! all right. i didn't know how long you were going to run the clip for. are any of these ideasing going to turn around their popularity? >> look, the american people are asking for a and they have a lot of questions about healthcare, a lot of questions about government spending and want specific answers. these
Aug 12, 2009 6:00am EDT
accd. co gjerle ttive grodw,s of orchestrating the fewery. president obama calls the demo gjtrations democracy in action. twhaver debate, it connues across the countdw while health care reform awaits in washington. >>rieresident overamarientens t more health care town hall meetings meanwhile the first tv to's critical of the health car plan begin airing t ay in 2nv statees. st tily schmidt, washington. >> time for a check of t ay's bd. bell is life in new york. linda. >> go morning. do you think your cell phone bill is high? well, it looo y llegaee youside alone. u.s. cell phone customers pay some of the highest rates in the word s. the organization of development says the average u.s. bill is $636 a yeator looking for lower rates? try mlegaing to finntend, the nx hewas anmar or sweden. >> nextel is expanding its broad band wirele3 b service. whey are aiming to have the risp service running in d.c. by ngit arliar. eq yousidene a freekt air trave. this may be good news for you. vow-fair traveler is beginning starting in november the airline will have six additional fligh l
Aug 26, 2009 5:30pm EDT
obama's desperately popular. only 40% of israelus thin that 's more pro-paltinian and now it's true. israelis usually preferred presiden bush. preferred over obam some israeli ministers ar sang to get americans let's have sanctions. ttom line israelis understd how portant the relationship is, they appciate the relationship and israeli'so dependent on the.s. but without it getng ugly, president oba has tremendous influence at his disposal shold he choose to useit. >> there seemed to be progrs of reachg this orall, broar outline of a peace proposal. you stl feel that way? >>hat i think we have is th if ere's going to be a two-statsolution, we sti -- we know what it looks like. but we ow, palestini state, 67 lines some minor landslides. refugees acknoedged what happed to em, they can't return on mass to israel. security without emptying the palestinian state its meaning. we know the outlines. the question is ca you bri e parties, the israi governnt, hamas,or instance, to agree to thes that requires.s. lifting because it's an american internatnal interest i think that you might get it.
FOX News
Aug 5, 2009 8:00pm EDT
president obama. >> yeah. now let's look at those corporate executives, look at their p.a.c.'s, their employees, and see what campaign con tricks have flowed. and obama has not said that directed the democratic party or his campaign committee or democratic senators to refrain from taking contributions from entities that receive federal money on their lookout. bill: what i'm worried about here is the appearance of corruption. i don't think barack obama is saying ok because nbc news helped me get elected i'm going to give general electric a, b, c, d, and e. i don't think he is doing it. i might be wrong. he might be doing it, but that would be unbelievably corrupt. but the appearance is that you can now buy government contracts, general electric can buy government contracts, cap and trade, whatever it may be, if you support the winner of the election. >> this also goes back to the bush and cheney administration. we have a chapter in "fleeced," the book before "catastrophe" about halliburton where cheney obtained a financial relationship with halliburton. said he severed it. but he reall
FOX News
Aug 2, 2009 12:00am EDT
at the beck and call of of team obama to, you know, whether it's shaking down bank s, forming a housing entitlement mob, fostering voter fraud, and census shenanigans. you need the bodies. glenn: and even seiu, here is this union that most people don't even know what that union even does, and they're shaping -- they're the ones leading the way on healthcare. >> that's absolutely right. what you've got is a union that has remade itself in the 21st century to recruit the next generation of democrat and hard left foot soldiers, and of course these two that you have documented and i have documented in my book and all my blogs, those two organizations, acorn and the seiu are intimately an link and because there is so much union money and taxpayer dues money involved, it behooves the watchdogs in congress to take a look at what exactly is going on. glenn: i have to tell you, michelle, i said on my radio show yesterday, you know, you just used watchdogs in congress. they not watchdogs anymore. they're really not. it falls to the people. it always has fall ton the people of the radio au
Aug 14, 2009 8:00pm EDT
democrats tell us all the time that 's the right of every american to have health care. yet it eems this obama plan will systematically deny those rights to certainroups like the eldey. >> we shouldnot have a gornment program that determines youe going to pull e plug on grand. >> hat it says is as a 74-year-old man if you develop cancer, we're retty much going to write you off. >> well, yu're just not rigt. nobody74 is going tbe written off because ey have caer. that's vicious, malicis untrueumor. pe: so have questionslike this derail the administration'slan to sell health re, janet? >> well, they haven't derailed it. but they've certaly taken it the debate in a dection that nobody had expeted. d it put the oba administration and t democrs in congress on he fensive on topics thatthey were not really expecting to come up. theseown hall meeings and the legi of attack ad that have been put up on tvnd radio, they're al very shrill and partin and sngularly uninrmative. and unfortunately, they bend -- that and inernet traffichas been the ehicle for distortions and misleading claims and this en
Aug 25, 2009 5:00pm EDT
6 points and the s & p 500 rose 2. >>> president barack obama took time out of his family vacation to reappoint ben bernanke to his second four-year term. alexis has reaction from wall street. >> reporter: president obama wants the man who navigated the worst financial crisis since the great depression to keep steering the federal reserve. >> been approached financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom, with bold action and out of the box thinking, that helped put the brakes on our economic free fall. >> the president took time out from vacation to reappoint ben bernanke as fed chief. stocks climbed on the news with investors praising bernanke for unlocking credit and stabilizing the financial market. >> i give him an a because he did save the country. we'll never know where we would be if it wasn't for bernanke. >> reporter: bernanke wasn't exactly a hero here on wall street. at the height of the meltdown, he took heat for letting layman brothers fail and for some of his most unconventional lending programs. >> we have involved as circumstances demands, but our o
Aug 20, 2009 5:30am EDT
especial a que ponga atenciÓn para que no haya discriminaciÓn. >> el presidente obama encargÓ a la secretarÍa de seguridad como la persona encargada para retomalos esfuerzos,s,pero algunos creen que eso pone a napolitano en una situaciÓn difÍcil,por un lado tiene que cambiar las leyes y por otro cine que hace contra las que existan. >> la casa blanca exigiÓ el que buscarÁ apoyo bipartidista para la reforma sistema de salud. un portavoz seÑalÓ que el presidente obama quiere respaldo damos partidos porque el tema es demasiado importante. el lÍder demÓcrata del senado no descartÓ otros estrategias, ademÁs, lÍderes sindicales amenazaron con retirarle el apoyo a los demÓcratas si elimina de la reforma un seguro gubernamental. los afganos se dicen a las urnas, la votaciÓn es importante para tratar de consolidar la democracia en el paÍs, pero los rebeldes talibanes pretenden frustrar la violencia. h@h@tdznwñbúekph@h@tdznwñonukpÁ ese paÍs,y otra porque allí el poder del talibÁn se resiste a desaparecer. >> es jueves de elecciones presidenciales en afganistÁn, su actu
Aug 11, 2009 6:00am EDT
gallup poll finds president obama's apatrol rating is in the mid to upper 50's down from 63% from january through june. his highest rating is right here in the d.c. area. 92% of residents approve of the job he's doing. hialeah is second followed by vermont and hawaii is second, followed by vermont and his lowest rating in utah. >> hillary clinton fired up when asked a question about financial contracts. >> what does mr. clinton think through the bouts of mouth of mrs. clinton. >> wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. >> i -- >> well, you ask my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i am not going to be channeling my husband. >> needless to say the moderator quickly moved on and the student approached clinton afterward and said he meant to ask about president obama not what bill clinton thought about that chinese loan. >> all right. back here locally more schools in montgomery county are failing. under the no child left behind law of the 38 middle schools in the county, a dozen missed performance targets. that is seven
Aug 14, 2009 12:05am EDT
needs to be taking a harder line with wall street? [ laughter ] >> this s is kind of interestin. this is from obama's hometown of chicago. most police departments have some sort of diversity training and chicago theyhave the new recruits watch a video presentation. anand take a look at this, keepn mind this is real. >> in chicago, diversityty is ou strength. shaking hands is n not offensiv to sick memen and won. it t isis an acceptable way to t people. police are confused by the tradition of puerto ricans gathering outside their homes ststore fronts. and in puerto rico, that's how people socialize. police officers should not assume that all l asians are ne imgrants. all of the people we encounr on a daily basis expectct to be treated with dignity and respect. mexicans are n no exception. [ laughter ] >> well, that's really good news, isn't it, guillermo? [ laughter ] >> it's great. >> guillermo haa concert to go to. go ahead, you can leave now. >> yeah? >> yeah. go ahead. say good-bye to guillermo, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] the world s still waing on michael ckson's autsy res
Aug 22, 2009 12:00pm EDT
vineyard. >>> and that blue heron farm rents for between, what,s $35,000 to $5,000 for the week. the obama's paying for it on their own dime. >> wonder if they're getting a deal? >> i don't know. >> got to cut the president a deal, right? >> a little one. >>> the "cnn newsroom" continues now with drew griffin. >> thinking just the same thing. thanks, t.j. and betty. >>> we begin with hurricane bill, pounding surf, fierce winds. what it looks like this morning as hurricane bill swept past ber mud dar. our reporter originally from st. louis sent this video on his first encounter with a hurricane. pretty good one. a lot of surf there. bill is churning north towards massachusetts. folks along the east coast and on martha's vineyard on alert for more dangerous surf and rip currents. cnn's susan candiotti is at shore in massachusetts. you say it for me, candy. i can't say those two together. chatham, massachusetts. a day where everybody runs to the beach? >> reporter: very crowded here along the beaches and you know what else is interesting, the streets are very crowded. why? because
Aug 24, 2009 11:00pm EDT
sever where at 11:00. >> reporter: the obama administration will investigate the actions of the interrogators during the bush administration. a report by the c.i.a.'s inspector general released today describes severe tactics idea on terror suspects by interrogators after 9/11 including threats to kill one suspect's children and force another to watch his mother sexually assaulted. in afghanistan accusations of ballot box stuffing and voter intimidations in the wake of the country's second presidential elections. world leaders are now urging patients as an independent commission investigates. both the president and his leading challenger are accusing each other of fraud. hundreds of evacuated after a massive fire at a chemical company in detroit. witnesses heard several explosions inside diversified chemical technologies. investigators confirm tonight an explosion did spark the fire but what set off that explosion isn't clear. the company reportedly made chemicals used by two of the three big automakers. >>> a warning tonight for parents of teenagers. a report is exposing the new
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